Michelle Ishida – Columbus, OH brown leather bag decorated with feature of a white tree

Michelle creates handbags with cut leather appliques in various tree and animal designs, utilizing recycled materials. 






Douglas Polczynski – Columbus, OH leather wall art decorated with image of dragon

Doug prides himself in using old world hand craftsmanship and techniques to create items that hearken back to a time past but also have modern functionality and often a fun and funky twist.  







Jamie Seel – Columbus, OH brown leather backpack

Jamie’s artistic process begins with the urge to capture a specific movement or feeling within a 3d shape. From there, they lay down many brief gesture sketches to try to capture the feeling. When they have one that strikes them as particularly pleasing, they workshop it and develop that sketch into a complete bag design. Jamie then creates the patterns and draft physical samples, adjusting as necessary. When a design is ready to be produced, they create a production guide that details the order of sewing/finishing. After that, the design is ready to be produced time and time again. The production process involves cutting, gluing, stitching, sanding, edge beveling, polishing, edge painting, and hardware attachment / riveting. The actual making of the work is their favorite part of the process. Seeing a design go from vague idea to tangible object by the work of their own hands is very rewarding. 





Noelle Shearer – Galena, OH landscape image made of various colors of leather

Starting with upcycled leather sourced from thrift stores, upholstery manufacturers and even other leather artists, Noelle envisions landscapes from the raw edges and imperfections found naturally in the leather. She uses either wood backgrounds which she stains, or canvases which she paints with acrylics to create backdrops to the leather scenes which are meticulously cut and designed by hand. Some leathers are distressed, painted or embossed to add even more texture to each piece. Each leather landscape is an original.