Caleb Barnaby – Crestview, FL ornate silver necklace decorated with blue gemstones

Caleb makes intricate pieces of wearable art from brass, silver, found objects and semi-precious stones. Most of Caleb’s designs feature antique, recycled materials such as horological instruments, spent bullet shells, pressure gauges and various other instruments (both musical and industrial). Textures are created by etching, hammering and patina. Metals are then hand-cut, forged and soldered. Hidden designs and details make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.



Deborah Barnes –  Mount Dora, FL metal necklace decorated with various blue pieces

Deborah fabricates sterling and 14kt. gold sheet and wire with hand tools and the knowledge of traditional silversmithing techniques, including: metal forming, chasing, reticulation, hollow form construction, forging, stone setting, enameling, and more.





Javier Baron – St. Augustine, FL bracelet made from multicolored shells and stones

Javier’s work features reversible stone & shell jewelry on nickel-free silver. No molds or casts are used on Javier’s designs. Everything is handcrafted from the components, down to the links & hooks. 





Shana Bertetto – Crestwood, KY macramé necklace and earring set

Shana works with a South American fiber technique called Micro-Macramé: intricate hand weaving & knotting. Shana uses waxed thread from Brazil and semi-precious gemstones to create sculptural, comfortable, durable fiber statement jewelry. Each piece contains thousands of knots tied by hand and hundreds of individual threads. Although dimensional, Shana’s pieces contain no internal wire nor glue. They are pure thread. A piece can take anywhere from 6-40 hours to create. Shana learned the foundations of this meticulous craft while living in South America over the course of 10 years. They fell in love with the slow and rhythmical process and the meditative space that emerges through quiet repetitive knot tying. When Shana incorporates findings & chains, they also handcraft them using brass and copper wire. 


Susie Brand –  Cincinnati, OH shaped metal necklace decorated with blue gems

Susie forges sheet and wire into unique designs then sets raw and faceted semi-precious gemstones into handmade bezels that balance their designs. 





Heidi Clous –  Blacklick, OH bracelet with various colored beads

With a gas fueled torch, Heidi melts rods of glass and manipulate into beads through precise hand movements and tools then create original handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is made up of Glass and Silver. 





John Gulyas & Maryann Posch – Cleveland Heights, OH metal bracelet with multicolored gems

John and Maryann design, fabricate, and finish every piece of their one-of-a-kind sterling silver jewelry. Using traditional metal smithing techniques, they cut, shape, hammer and solder the silver. Each piece is accented with gemstones, gold or enamel and receives an oxidized finish.  




Janeth Hemmerling –  Hilliard ,OH necklace decorated with black and various colored beads

ECO Jewelry is the art of transforming natural products like seeds and nuts into beautiful, vibrant, colorful and environmentally friendly jewelry. The most common raw materials are Tagua and Bombona nuts and Acai and Huayruro seeds. Nuts are generally carved or/or sliced, dyed to multiple colors and polished to a smooth and shiny surface. Seeds are also dyed and polished. All pieces are subject to drilling and are bound together with multiple variety of ties such as nylon, leather strips or metal connectors; much depends on the design. 


Ann and Henry Jalsa –  Gainesville, FL silver necklace decorated with various elements

For 25 years, Ann and Henry have been exhibiting at National Fine Art shows. Fabricating focal pieces with Victorian buttons, they utilize\ the technique of PMC Sculpting to create clasps and findings, sterling wire working, and the Victorian lace making technique of crocheting pearls and gems into the compositions. 




Andrea Kaiser – Columbus, OH silver circular necklace

Handmade with the intention of emboldening and celebrating strong, natural spirits. Starting with sterling silver sheet & wire, Andrea uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to texture, saw, form, shape, solder, enamel, & more. They look to nature for stories and patterns and pare them back to their strongest lines. 



Tanya Long – Cleveland, OH earrings with rectangular and circular elements

Tanya creates ceramic jewelry handmade in the U.S.A. Every piece is carefully crafted by hand and then fired 1-2 times in a kiln at temperatures of up to 1300 degrees celsius (2400 F). Each firing cycle lasts around two days. Silver components of jewelry are individually pierced, filed, sanded, and soldered by hand. The final product combines ceramic and silver utilizing soldering and cold forming techniques. From start to finish, it can take up to two weeks to complete one piece of jewelry. 


Jana Margeson – Galena, OH necklace designed from metal jump rings

Jana Margeson makes chainemaille jewelry designed with their own Argentium sterling silver & gold filled wire. Handcrafted polymer clay beads, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals embellish the woven designs. Rings are woven together one ring at a time in different patterns using 2 pairs of pliers. 




Mary Kay Moore –  Cincinnati, OH three necklaces decorated with colorful glass beads

Mary Kay crafts jewelry using hand-blown Moretti/Bullseye glass beads strung with Swarovski crystals, gemstones & sterling silver.  







necklace decorated with beaded leaf shaped elementsPaula Nettleship – Pittsburgh, PA

Paula uses a variety of off-loom bead weaving techniques to create artisan jewelry focusing on color, shape and texture. Their materials are primarily Czech glass, Swarovski crystals and seed beads. Paula weaves pieces as awhole and makes individual beaded components to use in larger designs.  



Sarah Pierce – Tallmadge, OH silver jewelry set including bangle and earrings

Sarah creates handforged, nature themed jewelry, made with sterling silver, 14k gold and gemstones. Each piece is completely handcrafted. Various stones are set with a mix of bezel, flush and prong settings. 





two earrings decorated as beetles

Edy Seaman – North Canton, OH

Edy both torches and kiln fires their enameled pieces, which are made on either fine silver or copper. Surface designs include graphite drawing, sgraffito, and separation enamel. Pieces are hand cut and formed. Edy’s work may also include their handmade lamp work and metal smithing. 





Sonja SheriffColumbus, OH silver brooch with red gemstone 








Loey Stayden – Cincinnati, OH chain necklace decorated with stones

Loey creates handmade sterling silver jewelry with a grey sandstone that they find on beaches in Alaska when they visit in the summer. Loey lived in Alaska for 25 years, but now is back in their hometown of Cincinnati. Loey creates earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They enjoy taking an organic element and creating unique pieces with a modern flair. 


Regina To – Key West, FL metal bangle with silver magnolia flower

Traditional metal-smithing methods such as saw piercing, soldering, pressure welding, cold-forging, and riveting are used on sterling silver, 24K gold, copper, and brass to fabricate elegant botanical-themed jewelry. Most pieces are matte-brushed by hand to produce a satin finish and pattern that elucidates form, while others are oxidized to offer contrast to the metal’s natural hues. Organically shaped seaglass in rare colours, high luster baroque pearls, and vintage finds are often used as accents. 


Melissa Woods – Toledo, OH  matching blue metal necklace and bracelet set

Melissa hand manipulates, sculpts, and forges anodized aluminum in different gauges & color hues into weightless, hypoallergenic wearable art. Creating jewelry has been a means of self-expression for Meilissa since childhood. Over the years, Melissa has dabbled in any creative process they could learn. Melissa prefers to free-form work in the moment, creating flow and balance at the same time. 



Andrea Yagoda – Delaware, OH  blue and purple glass pendants 

Many of Andrea’s pieces incorporate glass they have fused or stones they have ground and hang from kumihimo necklaces they have braided. Some include polymer clay pieces that Andrea has made and cabochons created by other artists. In their fused glass, they use enamels, silver, reactive glasses and multiple layers of glass. 



Jeff Zoellner – College Corner, OH silver necklace and earring set decorated with blue and multicolored elements

Jeff has an affinity for classical metalsmithing. Their pieces are largely hand fabricated using the old-world method: lots of hand forging and soldering. Rough pieces are finished initially in a vibratory tumbler and finally after all soldering, enameling and stone setting is complete, hand polished. Jeff’s inspiration comes strictly from the esthetic and ornamental value of the pieces at hand. Jeff’s goal is strictly to create high quality, exotic ornamentation.