Beverly Hauenstein   – Mount Vernon, OH white wool wrap with various leaf eco prints

Beverly creates one-of-a-kind textiles using only leaves and flowers. The process is known as Eco Printing, which allows nature to share its beauty. Beverly utilizes natural fabrics such as wool, silk, linen and cotton to create handmade scarves, wraps, jackets, ponchos, table runners, aprons, pillows, bags, and wall hangings. The natural tannins are extracted from the leaves to create color and prints. The process of eco printing has given Beverly a new appreciation for the gifts of nature 




Holley Morris – Columbus, OH  image of landscape made of wool and fiber

Holley works with wool roving because of its delicacy and strength. Holley believes that wool’s willingness to be manipulated makes it a perfect medium for depicting the natural world. Their subject matter is often a traditional landscape, or a bird and flower. Wool adds a dimension that brings a subject to life in a much different way than paint. 



Patty Pun – Patty Pun fiber sculpture of Japanese crane

Fusing classic macrame and origami techniques using natural and dyed jute twine to captivate the imagination by creating animals and other designs.







Jeanne Scannell – Newburg, PA silk velvet wrap decorated with various colors

Jeanne creates hand tailored clothing using fine fabric, hand woven mohair, wet and needle felted wool, and hand dyed cotton and silk. Jeanne studied fashion design in Japan learning balance and flowing drapery.






patchwork crossbody handbagMaegan Shaner – Marysville, OH 

Maegan crafts original canvas bags & accessories designed from deconstructed vintage textile finds & natural fiber. Every item in the shop is designed, created, and crafted by Maegan in their home studio in central Ohio. Each product is built to last, to be uniquely you from the very first wear to the very last. 


Mary Williams – Galena, OH multicolored scarf draped over mannequin

Mary uses man made and natural fibers to weave pieces of art. Mary matches the fiber to the article and the usage of the plans that the customer has for the work.