Wood Art

Kelsey Angeli and James Turner – Canton, OH   wooden bowl

Kelsey and James are always experimenting with new materials to work with and new ways of making their products! Sometimes they will use reclaimed materials or create something with an entirely new medium! Kelsey and James are always exploring new things and want to keep things exciting. Each and every piece is made by hand in small batches. No two items will be exactly the same and have their own uniqueness because each piece gets individual attention.  



Kaye Benson – Marion, OH   wooden chessboard and chess pieces

Kaye makes a wide range of wood products from wooden model cars to large live edge tables, lamps, wine and beer flights, charcuterie and cutting boards. All the wood Kaye uses is sourced from their farm. Every year, they lose trees to storm or disease and take them to be sawed, then stick dried for 6 months, then to the kiln to be dried and planed. The wood is then taken back to their shop to be made into products. 




Michael Bobo and Julie Rabun – Knoxville, TN   wooden charcuterie board

For many years Michael has collected lumber, wood and other materials, such as metal, glass, and plastics. What many people may consider waste, Michael and Julie use to make one-of-a-kind functional objects, ranging from magnetic bottle openers, cheese slicers and cutting boards to small furniture. This also helps our environment and educates consumers about ways to reduce waste going to our landfills. Everything they make incorporates a variety of re-purposed materials in unique, aesthetically pleasing and practical ways. Their background in woodworking informs their work, ensuring a well crafted, professional design, and finished product. 




Emily Combs – Springfield, OH   landscape made from wood pieces

Emily starts by drawing a shape onto wood. Then, she handcuts the wood using a jigsaw. Next, Emily carves, burns, and sands each wood piece. She then create wood dyes from mica and procion powders and stain the wood. Emily also uses acrylics to paint the wood. Last, she puts the wood pieces together to create a wood mosaic. 




Paul Courtright – Westerville, OH   multicolored wooden peppermill

Paul creates wood turned ice cream scoops, bowls, pizza cutters, peppermills, and cheese boards. 





Dave Grabarczyk – Perrysburg, OH   wooden box with drawers

Dave creates hardwood jewelry and valet boxes with exotic wood accents in traditional or contemporary designs, sanded, stained and sealed with a protective finish to enhance the natural appearance of the wood. 





Mark Hilligoss – Hilliard, OH  wood vase

Mark uses a chainsaw to cut wood blanks from downed trees. Afterward, they mount the green, wet wood in a chuck on the lathe and use gouges, scrapers, and hollowing tools to create rough forms which are set aside to air dry. Consistent thickness of the object’s walls minimizes cracking as the wood dries. Once dried, after several months, Mark remounts the bowl or vessel and refines the shape making the form thinner and more balanced. Defects or anomalies create the opportunity to fill the wood’s natural voids with colored epoxy, like turquoise, stabilizing and adding beauty to the form. 




Rachel McFarlane David – Reynoldsburg, OH  circular wooden wall hanging painted with floral images

Rachel makes wall hangings and ornaments from repurposed and recycled wood. They sand and strip down this old wood, cut it into blanks or shapes on a bandsaw or scroll saw, then hand-burn original images onto the wood’s surface with a pyrography tool. These images are inspired by the patterns, designs and creatures they see in nature. Rachel often adds bright paint or inks to these designs for depth and color. Rachel finally adds hardware to their pieces so they can be hung for display. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and made one at a time. 




Joshua Miller – Dubois, PA    wooden side table with drawers

Hand-planed, wire-brushed, steam bending and skip planing with special paints and glazes produce unique textures in Joshua’s work.  





Noah and Tammy Mynes – Lewis Center, OH  wooden serving tray and bowls with additional color 

Noah and Tammy search out beautifully grained wood. They integrate complimentary epoxy colors to create home decor. Noah and Tammy make upscale tables, serving sets, bowls, salt cellars, lazy susans. They also do custom work. 






William Nardin – Algonac, MI   a drawer box in the shape of a cat

William creates band saw boxes using at least two types of wood. The shapes range from fun to organic. The boxes show the beauty of wood & are still functional. All wood used is reclaimed. 






Danny Rings – Dublin, OH   multicolored wood vase

Danny creates wood turned vessels, bowls, and artwork, carved and embellished with inspiration from nature. 






Tom Meehan Stahl – Fairfield, OH  wooden vase decorated with color

Tom creates a wide variety of segmented wooden bowls using 36 different species of wood from 5 different continents. The bowls can contain between 37 and over 700 individual pieces of wood. Tom uses a variety of domestic and exotic woods to produce patterns and color combinations within my work. All the items are food safe with a high gloss non-toxic finish. All pcs are serial numbered and signed. The underside of the bowl listed the types of woods used and the number of individual pieces of wood in the item. 





Mike Stanik – Burghill, OH  wooden chest

Mike handcrafts functional wooden pieces of art using a very rare type of reclaimed lumber, American Chestnut. Mike believes that this is preserving the past for future generations to enjoy. 






Michael West – Athens, OH stack of wooden bowls

Michael is an artist from Appalachia Ohio handcrafting wooden salad bowls, spoons, spatulas and cutting boards for both artistic and utility/functional use. Michael’s love of woodworking allows them to express their creativity into their wooden pieces that were destined to be firewood or end up in a landfill.