Village Green Relocation

Click here for a PDF of the updates regarding our relocation to the Worthington Village Green. 

Due to construction on the grounds of Thomas Worthington High School, in 2023 the Worthington Arts Festival will relocate to all four quadrants of the Worthington Village Green. The Festival was last held on the Green in 2015 before moving to the lawn of the high school in front of the MAC. The temporary relocation brings the Festival closer to the businesses of Old Worthington. The Worthington Farmers Market will be held as normal on Saturday, June 17 just south of the Festival grounds. Artists are welcome to open their booths early at 8:00 AM for a soft open to accommodate the opening time of the Farmer’s Market. The official opening of the festival is 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

You can view a map of the village green at this link. It is about 2 blocks East of the previous location of the festival, at the intersection of High Street and 161. We expect this location to have more traffic and visitors due to its central location in the city.

Additional information regarding load-in procedures will be provided with booth assignments. At this time, we can confirm that all artists will need to unload and dolly all materials to their booths on the Village Green. There is no access to drive onto the Village Green.

Outside of specific ADA needs, we accommodate artist requests on a first-come first-served basis. You can submit your requests in the artist survey, which will be sent to you after completing your confirmation and booth payment.

If you have questions regarding the relocation, load-in, load-out, or any other topics, please email Lizzie Howald at