Printmaking and Graphics

Jake Rathkamp – Columbus, OH drawing of hand holding a snow globe

All of Jake’s works begin with a detailed line drawing in graphite pencil on fine art paper. The drawing is then scanned where color is worked on digitally.  Each layer is then printed in black ink onto a transparency sheet which is utilized to impose the layer image onto a silkscreen with a photo emulsion using Jake’s hand built exposure unit. From here, water-based inks are hand mixed to match desired colors and the prints are then meticulously hand screen-printed a single layer at a time onto fine art paper. Each print is hand cut or torn and then signed and numbered. 


Emily Sekerak – Newark, OH black and white print of tower

Emilly creates relief printmaking using hand carved wood or linoleum blocks. Each print is inked with oil-based printmakers ink, pressed on traditional natural fiber papers using a hand baren & pulled by hand. 



Angela Stiftar – Columbus, OH black, white, and red print of farmland

From a young age, Angela has been infatuated with all things creative: drawing, painting, poetry, theatre, dance, photography, you name it. They believe inspiration is everywhere and world travel is their favorite source. Angela’s whimsical love of mermaids symbolizes beauty, courage, adventure, and folklore. The Midwest to them signifies friendliness and family, plus it is where they proudly call home. Mix these values together, and there you have it – Midwest Mermaid was born! 


Leah Storrs-Fisher – Columbus, OH print of tree trunks

Leah is a printmaker & fine artist based in Downtown Columbus. Their work focuses mainly on landscapes, architectural studies, bird studies and all things floral. Leah bounces around a lot in mediums ranging from silkscreen printing, block printing, watercolor and acrylic painting, drawing and embroidering. Originally from Saginaw, MI, Leah moved to Columbus to go to art school at the Columbus College of Art & Design to attain their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Fine Art with a focus in Printmaking + Art History minor. Their work includes fine art prints and watercolor paintings & a combination of the two. Working in water-based ink, on fine art printmaking papers and watercolor papers. 


Maria Zanetta – Akron, OH  print of city skyline 

Maria was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they studied Fine Arts at the National School for the Arts. Maria has always been very interested in experimenting with different textures and mediums. Vibrant color and the interplay of texture and color are the fundamental building blocks of their art. Maria enjoys exploring the creative options related to printmaking and combining them with their interest in texture and color. Each one of Maria’s prints are developed in conjunction with a collage that gives it its distinct characteristics and therefore the end result is a bold and unique image