Jane Axman – Johnstown, PA photo of a deer swimming

Through their photography, Jane strives to capture the beauty of natural places and the spirit of wildlife and natural subjects. Jane hopes to foster a deeper awareness and appreciation for the fragile natural environment that we must cherish and protect. Jane produces their photographs using high quality archival materials. They offer prints on fine art paper, metal and canvas. Jane currently shoots with high resolution full frame digital SLR cameras, and a wide assortment of lenses from 18 mm wide angle landscapes to 500 mm intimate wildlife portraits. Jane always shoots totally manually as they require complete artistic control of their images.


James Brown – Pataskala, OHphoto of two owls nuzzling

James’ main stage for their photography was the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Living in Akron, James was on the edge of the Park and walked its trails almost daily. Along with their wife Eve, James also takes trips to places and parks in the US and travels occasionally overseas. James finds most subjects for their photos by hiking and observing the wildlife when it presents itself. The original image is downloaded from their camera to the computer where it is usually cropped in PhotoShop.  If possible, James tries not to touch the color of the subject, but they do modify the color of the background to sepia/black and white. James then fades the edges of the photo to bring the viewer’s eye into the area of the subject.  By “muting” the background, the subject takes center stage. 


Thomas Croce – Lebanon, OH black and white landscape photo

Thomas graduated with a BED degree from Miami University school of Fine Art in 1984 and with a Master of Architecture from Washington University in 1987. He works with all the compositional elements, line, form, texture, light, and shadow to create his award-winning nature and wildlife images. Thomas’ art includes framed and mounted limited edition fiber selenium toned silver gelatin prints and framed and mounted monumental archival pigment prints. All prints are made using all archival materials. 


Rebecca Cummings and Rod McIntyre – Grove City, OH photo of tree and bridge

Being a team, Rod and Rebecca travel and explore together, each photographing the experience in their own individual way.  Rod works in black and white creating simple yet uniquely sophisticated images, while Rebecca uses color, texture and lighting to create a mood.  Both photographers work in digital and film but stay true to traditional photography using little or no photoshop. 


Christopher Doherty – Delray Beach, FL underwater photo of turtle

Christopher Doherty is an award winning and widely published professional photographer for over 21 years now. With over 30 countries under his belt he primarily focuses on underwater marine life to show the world its wonders and to help educate others to preserve it beauty. All of his images are 100% genuine captures from out in the wild. He also personally produces all of his images in his print shop. Printing on a prograde fine art metallic photo paper and bonding it to museum grade acrylic. Face-mounting photos onto acrylic is an art form in itself. The rich color gamut and the unique metallic surface provides extreme sharpness and depth. The acrylic works to preserve the print as well as enhance the prints natural vibrancy. A floating frame is attached to the back giving the print a very sleek and modern look. 


Ron Mellott – Bloomington, IN photo of sunset and lake

Ron’s landscape images are taken using medium and large format film cameras, macrophotography now done mostly with digital capture and image stacking (e.g., multiple exposures). Formally trained as a wildlife biologist, Ron earned a B.S. degree in Zoology from Colorado State University and M.S. in Biology from Fort Hays State University, Ron worked about 17 years as a wildlife ecologist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Colorado Division of Wildlife and private consulting firms before moving in late 1998 back to Indiana to pursue art shows full-time. 


Patricia Quaranto – Delaware, OH photo of beach and tunnel

Landscape Photography brings you into the moment….and calms the chaos in the world. Patricia’s photography is an artform to express themself and share with the viewer.