Kevin Buckland and Pertain Gillespie-Buckland – Lewis Center, OH graphite landscape drawing

Kevin & Pertain Buckland met while attending The Columbus College of Art and Design. Pertain works mostly b&w, Kevin works in watercolor. Kevin and Pertain live and work at their home studio outside Columbus, Ohio. For over 36 years, this husband and wife team have owned and operated a graphics and fine art studio. 


Kiersten Cherry – Columbus, OH watercolor print of a sleeping bat

Babybats works closely with rescues around the world that send reference photos of actual bats in their care. These are transformed into the characters portrayed in the collections. In return, Kiersten spread awareness, donates original art, and participates in fundraisers for the rescues. Kiersten produces in all mediums but found a niche with her original love of watercolor. Built off the simplicity of her black and white paintings, they have developed into Indian ink, gold foil, and all types of goodies created with bats as the subject. 


Zhen Zhong Duan – Dublin, OH painting of winter city scene

Zhen Zhong Duan utilizes his technique, experience and aesthetic ability to complete his paintings. Sketching, memory and imagination are all used to create his favorite places with oil and acrylic on canvas. 





Thom Glick – Columbus, OH graphic painting of figure

For painted works, once Thom’s decided on a subject, they create a refined graphite drawing. Then, Thom chooses a canvas and builds up a layered ground of color. Often this layered ground becomes part of the background of the painting. Sometimes this ground involves applying paint by washing, scumbling, and spattering. After the ground is to their liking, Thom transfers the graphite drawing to the canvas surface, usually with a projector. From here, Thom approaches the painting much like a color-by-number exercise, first focusing on the shapes of color, then lastly adding the outlines. 


Amy Haggard – Columbus, OH four multicolored paintings featuring rainbows and flowers

Amy’s mission as an artist is to create art that evokes a feeling of playfulness and joy. She creates that joy using vibrant colors, graphic patterns, and organic shapes.  Her love of simple forms and how they can build imaginary worlds comes through in her dreamed up botanicals and abstract compositions. For Amy art is play, constant experimentation, and an unending curiosity that she wants to share with the viewer. 


Kelley Hensing – Batavia, OH painting of figure and blue butterflies

Kelley’s artwork is inspired by the mysterious. Her images portray dreams, fears and fables, while seeking to transcend a world of chaos. Her visual language brings together nature, spirituality, and archetypal figures to form her own narratives both beautiful and symbolic. Kelley has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Her first major show was in 2014 with Last Rites Gallery, NYC. She also shows with Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK and at various art conventions throughout the year. 


Edwin Kitchen – Columbus, OH painting of winter landscape

As a lifetime painter and high school art instructor, watercolor is Edwin’s medium of choice. Edwin has spent 54 years exploring the potential of their medium and investigating how to depict their subjects. Edwin’s curiosity and love of the medium has piqued their interest throughout their life. 




Amanda McGee – Galena, OH painting of a tricycle

Inspired by memorable objects from childhood and familiar scenes from the past, Amanda enjoys capturing joyful nostalgia through bold brushstrokes and vibrant acrylic paint on canvas and panel. 


Heather Miles – Indianapolis, IN multicolored abstract painting

Heather Miles is a contemporary painter based in Indianapolis, Indiana whose work is shaped by her ability to connect to the human experience. Heavily influenced by traditional abstract expressionism, Miles’ paintings rely on less tangible forms of communication, evoking joy and sometimes sorrow through organic shapes, unexpected colors and translucent layers. Her personal mark making and scribbled notes create a visual language that lets her audience in on her secrets and connects the past to the present, while tapping into a universal portrayal of what it means to be human. 


Said Oladejo-Lawal – Columbus, OH painting of a figure playing instrument

Said studied painting in Nigeria and graduated in 1995 from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology. Said also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, United States of America in 2012. Their colors are fauvist in outlook. Said’s presentation is often classified as that of an impressionist artist. They like to use bright colors to bring nostalgia and deep emotions out of anyone who encounters their paintings. Said wants people to walk away feeling deeply connected with each of their art pieces. Said enjoys bringing abstract preoccupations such as music into visual prominence. 


Payal Saxena – Lewis Center, OH watercolor landscape painting of lake

Payal creates vibrant watercolor paintings on archival paper using fine pigments, framed in glass/mounted on wood. 




Tom Stenger – Delaware, OH painting with landscape with river and mountains

Tom believes there is always something new to learn in watercolor, and taking classes from several professionals in the central Ohio area keeps styles, new techniques, and subjects flowing. 





Matt Tisdale – Westerville, OH painting of crane and fox

Matt uses traditional oil paint techniques on masonite panels. 





Loc Tran – Columbus, OH painting of landscape featuring river

Loc uses translucent scribble-like brush stokes to create the background which contrasts with the focal area’s bold, opaque shapes. Light is often captured with choppy strokes and color is exaggerated. 



Alexandra Valentino – Delaware, OHpainting of hummingbird and flower

Alexandra graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2022 and received their BFA in Fine Arts and minor in Art Therapy. Alexandra’s work is a study in finding ways to play with nature in motion. They use organic subjects to acknowledge the passage of time.  Alexandra uses watercolor and oil paint to create their work. Alexandra’s work is typically created on canvas or watercolor paper. 


Sabrina Zhou – Carmel, IN  landscape painting of sun through trees

Sabrina is an oil painter, both representational expressional. Sabrina’s works are painted on stretched canvas using the finest oil paints. They focus on the magic of light and the interaction between the subjects and their surroundings to provide viewers with mystery, harmony, serenity. 



Wanda Zuchowski-Schick – Rossford, OH painting of water lilies

Wanda layers transparent watercolor to produce vibrant images of National Park landscapes, flowers, wildlife and landmarks. These images are from their travels, artist residencies or their garden.