Mixed Media

Tess Aksamitova – Pittsboro, NC beaded tree sculpture

Tess has been working with wire since they were young. Tess’ grandfather taught them the basics and later on, Tess created pieces that incorporate glass to make their sculptures pop. Tess later became addicted to lampwork and it has been a part of their everyday life. 





Jay Ashrafi – Powell, OH mixed media painting of sailboat

Jay uses handcrafted copper, patinated copper, recycled materials collaborated, soldered, screwed or hot glued over cement base background and layers of transparent paints over wood board to create 3D images. 






Michelle Boerio – Columbus, OH  mixed media painting of a manatee

Michelle Boerio makes mixed-media paintings that spark curiosity and connection with the places and creatures of our weird, wonderful world. Her subjects range from the sun-drenched shorelines of southern Italy to the often-overlooked world of wetland animals in Ohio. When painting, she starts with a subject from the real world and stretches it to something more abstract through layers of watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, and collage. Those additive layers of color create visual depth. Her expressive, vibrant paintings celebrate playfulness in making marks. 




Sarah Hunyadi– Columbus, OH marbled mixed media painting

Creating art for Sarah means freeing my mind from conscious thoughts so that they can fully immerse myself in the pure joy of the process. Sarah has chosen mixed media fluid art because the mediums are often unpredictable and therefore allow you to create intuitively. Their current art series is titled “Relinquish”, which is inspired by my pursuit of creative and mental freedom. Throughout my life, Sarah has struggled with OCD, and their perfectionist tendencies have often hindered their ability to let go in the creative process. For this series, Sarah has combined the ethereal quality of alcohol ink with a crackled texture medium. Each piece is created on a pine wood panel that absorbs the ink in unusual and unpredictable ways. Finally, the artwork is sealed with several layers of resin to provide a glossy finish. 





Diane Kline – Lexington, KY painting featuring florals and moon

Diane’s work is acrylic on canvas and paper. They use mostly hands and fingertips to create each textural piece. Diane is represented in galleries in the Northeast and Chicago area and in Alaska, Florida and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Paintings are held in many corporate and private collections. 






Benjamin Lamb – Columbus, OH

Benjamin draws with pen and ink and paint onto wood panels, which they then cut out to create dimensional compositions. 






Snigdha Mall – Mason, OH multicolored mixed media painting featuring hummingbirds

Snigdha is an Abstract Representational Artist. They are inspired to paint the calmness in all the chaos. Snigdha specializes in oil painting & mixed media. They paint in many different layers. They start with collage, adding different papers and modeling paste textures, giving the background its first layer. Once I dry the first layer, Snigdha begins with water-soluble materials like graphite and charcoal. They make some markings and use the rule of thirds to draw my subjects. They then move on to spray paints, alcohol inks, and India inks. They give a base to the background and then add acrylics in which they work light to dark and paint my subjects. After adding the darks, shades, and highlights, Snigdha seals all my water-soluble materials. Finally, Snigdha adds their last layer of oils, giving life to the subjects. The closer you look, the more it will connect to you. You could feel the story it says. Snigdha likes the juiciness of oils and how they make their artwork speak for itself. All along the way, they leave the layers showing from the beginning.  




Bill Miller and Susan Kelleghan – Naples, FL photo and painting of landscape

Where the Lens Meets the Brush. Integrating full-frame photography with acrylic paint extensions/additions to create unique art. 






collage art featuring botanical elementsEmily Morgan – Columbus, OH

All of Emily’s work is analog collage art and is created using hand-cut elements. Each individual piece is glued to either cardstock or cradled wood panel, and is sealed to promote longevity. Elements primarily consist of vintage/antique botany illustrations, vintage/modern photography, and other suitable ephemera. 







Kate Morgan – Columbus, OH drawn and collaged piece featuring two female figures

Kate Morgan is a contemporary female figurative artist working in mixed media. Painting over original drawings and collage elements, including vintage and antique paper. Layered artwork depicts figural explorations, portraits and animals in expressionist color palettes and surreal style. Inspired by Iconography, folklore and fashion. Shading with ink, watercolor washes & colored pencil. Finished with gold leaf. Wood panel substrate. 





Andrew Paavola – Huntsville, OH illustration of aquarium

Whimsical cartoon wall art illustrations. Each is hand-drawn with India ink on Bristol board and digitally colorized. Frames are made by hand with wood, different colored paints and clear acrylic. Varying shapes and sizes that include the original ink drawing visible on the back of the frame. 




Aisha Pectyo – Powell, OH hand cut paper image featuring cauldron

Aisha is a Columbus, Ohio-based artist who focuses on paper illustrations. Her art is inspired by the hundreds of fantasy books she’s read and continues to read. She also draws a lot of inspiration from nature and the beauty of simple everyday objects. Aisha has been doing paper illustrations for over 5 years. She meticulously crafts her illustrations using a diverse array of paper types, from delicate rice paper and vellum to sturdy cardstock. Aisha uses a variety of techniques to cut, fold, and layer paper. She enjoys making intricate forms that can show depth and texture. The interplay of light and shadow on the paper surfaces enhances the visual experience, adding a dynamic quality to each piece. 




Deborah Shapiro – Fairlawn, OH collaged and mosaicked artwork arranged into image of a cat's face

Deborah’s collages are created from bits of magazines. No paint is used. Deborah’s style weaves a sense of realism with the subject and a sense of abstraction throughout the details. Subjects reflect express their love for animals, nature, and common everyday experiences. 






Anna Sokol – Columbus, OH colorful painting of floral arrangement

Anna explores the relationship between her identity and her relationships through art, using mixed media.  Color, music, and literature all impact what emerges on her canvases.  As an Aries, Anna experiences life by feeling profoundly and thinking reflectively.  Various artists have influenced her: Georgia O’Keefe, India.Arie, and Julia Cameron, among others.  They have offered her diverse perspectives and invited her to synergize in her artistic designs.
Since she began her professional career, she has been moved to ever more fully create, understand and practice openness through art and music.  What starts with the need to capture some reality on a surface evolves as she layers colors and brushstrokes, hoping that what emerges is both interesting and meaningful.  It’s the “why” of her art, and she hopes it enables her to connect profoundly with all who appreciate and collect her work. 






Catherine Tietz Boring – Granville, OH multicolored blown glass sphere illuminated by central light

Cathy creates Handblown Glass pieces using high quality Reichenbach colors added to molten glass ending in unique art. Many of her pieces are a combination of glass and pottery as one of a kind art. Gold, Silver, and copper are often added to the glass creating a mixed media again. 





Loretta Wikstrom – Centerville, OH landscape painting featuring trees and birds

Presently Loretta’s work consists of various mixed media paintings, such as watercolor, acrylic, inks, colored pencil, etc. Some are mixed with hand colored rice paper, tissue paper, miscellaneous papers or found objects in a layering technique. They are done on paper, mat board, or wrapped canvas